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Children of all ages will love this interactive candy dispensing system, where they will be able to create their own edible candy art in a tube!

They are involved in the process from beginning to end. Firstly choosing the tube size, then dispensing the different flavours into their tube and finally enjoying the great tasting candy...

The awesome array of sweet and sour flavours are also fully gluten free and kosher.

The candy is dispensed from a dispensing unit, which stands 183cm tall and 61cm in diameter into tubes of four different lengths. It is an ideal addition to any business with very low start up costs.

Great for school fetes, festivals, kids parties, barmitzvahs, markets,  theatres, lolly shops, theme parks, convenience stores and much more... 

The dispenser has a striking combination of colours that is bound to attract customers to your shop and has an ease of mobility which makes it simple to manoeuver from place to place.

Opportunities are endless with this unique candy concept!

For more information regarding business opportunties please do not hesitate to call TODAY!

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